Campaign Redesign: Leap Forward

Over the past months, we have released many exciting updates. We re-imagined what campaign and cause search should be, reworked campaign launch, redesigned cause registration, implemented Stripe for credit card processing, and re-architected a ton under the hood that you will appreciate, even though you won't...Read more

We just got even better!

How It Works

It’s here! Welcome to the redesigned Root Funding.

We’ve changed our look, but not who we are. We are still here for you, just like we were before.

Along with our great new look (hope you like it as much as we do!), we have:

  • Re-imagined what Campaign and Cause Search should be (and built it)
  • Reworked Campaign Launch
  • Redesigned Cause Registration
  • …and re-architected a ton under the hood that you wil...Read more
Crowdfunding for causes

No one likes being cold-called by an organization and asked for money. But most people (especially the kind-hearted) do want to help their friends. Root Funding is crowdfunding for nonprofits — we take the power of person-to-person connections and apply it to fundraising for social good.