About Us

It started with an email we received. In summary, the email said,

“Last year, you gave $        .
This year, times are tough, so try to give 4 or 5 times that amount.”

We checked our bank account, and, unfortunately, our balance was not 4 or 5 times larger than usual. We thought there must be a better way for organizations to get the funds they need. Instead of repeatedly asking the same donors to give more, shouldn’t nonprofits focus on reaching more people, where each person contributes what they can?

Because even though many people want to do good, there’s a problem when organizations contact people cold: the contacted people don’t necessarily have any connection to the cause. And even if the contacted people are connected, repeated requests to donate can lead to less inclination to give.

Root Funding was created to solve this problem by helping individuals and organizations spread the word about their causes to untapped networks with built-in personalization and trust. It’s fundraising powered by people, with the cause benefitting more (monetarily and in terms of positive sentiment) than if it had reached out to donors directly.

We’ve found this approach enables more people to do more good. In addition, causes benefit from newfound funds and new relationships with passionate supporters.

What makes Root Funding special?

Increased fundraising results Increased fundraising results

Exponential reach Exponential reach

More willingness to giveMore willingness to give

Simplicity + supportSimplicity + support

Mobile magicMobile magic