Stunning Site Changes

Collage campaign cause and user pages

We're thrilled to announce stunning site changes to the Root Funding fundraising platform. Enjoy redesigned user and cause profiles, simplified campaign edit, a brand new media manager, more efficient search, as well as countless other tweaks. These updates were driven by customer feedback and requests.

"The new Root Funding update is super organized and user friendly. Our organization is looking forward to continuing to create successful campaigns on this beautiful website."

-Sarah at Elazraki Children’s Home

Campaign Customization

Campaign customization has been simplified. As the campaign admin, you can now manage all campaign edits directly on the campaign. Just click on the edit icon within each section to modify and update.

Campaign page edit

Campaign customizations:

(1) Goal: Set your realistic and attainable fundraising goal

(2) Title: Add a captivating title that will encourage visitors to continue reading

(3) Message: Tell the story behind your fundraising efforts. Why are you raising money? Who will benefit?

(4) Media: Personalize your fundraiser with compelling media. Pro Tip: A single powerful photo or video is usually most effective

(5) Url: Customize the campaign link that will guide donors to your campaign

(6) Add offline donations: Add donations that you received via cash or checks

All About Your Cause

We have implemented a vibrant new Cause Page design to showcase your great work.

Cause profile cause

As the cause administrator, update cause information, track campaigns, monitor donations and manage media. There are two media categories that can be managed from the cause page.

(1) Cause Media: upload up to three items (photos and/or video) that will display to visitors, communicating your cause's mission and impact.

Cause profile cause tab edit

(2) Campaign Media: set one image or video that will appear as the default on all campaigns launched for your cause. Campaign owners are still encouraged to update with personal media that is more specific to them and their campaign.


Refreshed User Page

A refreshed User Page to introduce yourself with a personal photo and bio, giving donors a chance to "meet" you. Visitors can see your public activity, meaning any causes that you administer and campaigns that you run.

User page campaign tab

When logged in, you can see a consolidated view of your fundraising summary and a listing of all donations that you have made. These sections are only viewable by you (not visitors to your page).

User page cause logged in donations tab

Media Manager

The user, cause and campaign pages now have a unified media manager. Note: In addition to YouTube, you can now also include Vimeo videos.

Media uploader cause page

When you upload a photo, you will be asked to crop the image. This allows you to optimally size photos for display while focusing on the relevant portion.

Image cropping

Lots more changes were implemented behind the scenes to improve the site's speed and efficiency. Now, it's your turn to check out the latest and let us know what you think. If you would like to request a site demo for your next fundraiser, we would love to help! Reach out to us at

Fundraising for causes

No one likes being cold-called by an organization and asked for money. But most people (especially the kind-hearted) do want to help their friends. Root Funding is fundraising for nonprofits — we take the power of person-to-person connections and apply it to fundraising for social good.