Campaign Redesign: Leap Forward

Over the past months, we have released many exciting updates. We re-imagined what campaign and cause search should be, reworked campaign launch, redesigned cause registration, implemented Stripe for credit card processing, and re-architected a ton under the hood that you will appreciate, even though you won't know about it :)

And now...another huge leap forward. Our newly redesigned campaign page is ready for you.

What has changed? Well, everything! Pictures and video take center stage, larger area to tell your story and share updates, improved social media sharing, fully enhanced mobile experience and much more.

How do you transition your campaign page to this new look? More good news - you do not need to change anything. If you already have a campaign, it will automatically redirect you to our latest. The url to the redesigned campaign page will look something like this: "". (Note: the only change in the URL is the 's' at the end of the word campaign)

Here is the deal... feedback has been so positive, that we didn't want to hold up this release. So... temporarily during this transition, you will continue editing the campaign with the old campaign edit page. Your campaign edit page url is going to be similar to your campaign page, simply change /campaigns/ to /campaign-edit/. You can also access the edit page from your user profile. Login to your account (you will be brought to your User Profile page) and click on the edit icon next to the campaign.

Quick tips for customizing your campaign:

Updating Campaign Message: The first two sentences in the campaign message should always catch the reader's attention. It is also the message that will be displayed by default on social media posts. Communicate your love for your cause. Let your family and friends feel your connection and excitement, it will only make it easier for them to support you.

Updating Media: The central focus of the campaign is the photo slideshow. Choose bright photos that tell your story and connects to your cause. Landscape orientation photos (i.e., wide pictures) will display best on both your campaign and on social media posts (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, etc)

Fundraising for causes

No one likes being cold-called by an organization and asked for money. But most people (especially the kind-hearted) do want to help their friends. Root Funding is fundraising for nonprofits — we take the power of person-to-person connections and apply it to fundraising for social good.