7 Tips to a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Setting up a crowdfunding campaign is easy... but making it a success takes a bit of effort. Here are seven tips to help you launch your successful project.

(1) Of course...your campaign should look great

Choose great photos to help tell your story. The photo is what will grab your viewers attention. If you are raising money for an animal shelter, then post pictures of those adorable puppies (or is it kittens that the Internet loves?). If your campaign is about rebuilding a neighborhood after a natural disaster, then choose a photo that describes the situation.

What's even better is a video telling your cause's story. But make sure to keep it short - a few minutes at most. Remember people don't have patience to sit through a long presentation.

Also, don't forget to check how the campaign looks on a phone. A picture can look great on a desktop computer but look terrible on a mobile device. Make sure to use media that looks awesome on both. A little hint - try to stick with photos that are in landscape format (you know...the wide format), because they display best on most social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Where did the little dog go?

So much better...

(2) Campaign Title and Campaign Message

The campaign title should be catchy to entice people to continue reading. Once again keep your message short (remember the lack of patience thing). You should always include an explanation of what you are raising money for and why the cause is so meaningful to you. Pulling at the heart strings in not a bad idea. Oh yeah...always include the call to action. Remind people that all they need to do is Donate and Share!!

(3) Fundraising Goal

Always be realistic when setting the goal. Of course we all want to raise millions of dollars. If it is appropriate, then great! Just be realistic. Set a goal that is achievable. You can always modify your goal as your campaign progresses.

(4) Priming the campaign

No one likes to be the first to donate. It is advisable for you to be the first (even if it's anonymously) or have a close family member or friend donate before sharing with others. Remember that the initial donation sets the bar for other donations. Of course, larger initial donations will encourage others to give more.

(5) Your campaign is all set... now what? SHARE-SHARE-SHARE

You know that url to your campaign - that is where you want to send your friends, family and coworkers via email, texts, and social media. (rootfunding.com/campaigns/xxxx)

Give people the opportunity to participate. Let your old college roommates and your childhood buddies know about your campaign. Let them read about how dear this cause is to your heart. Remind them to not only contribute but they should also like and share to their network. Let everyone work together to rally for your cause.

But when is the best time?

Each social media platform has its own best and worst posting times. Here is just a brief overview from coshedule.com, defining the peak times (more details to come in another blog post - look out for it...)

Facebook: Wednesdays at 3pm

Twitter: Monday - Thursdays 9am - 3pm

Linkedin: Midweek at noon and 5pm - 6pm

Pinterest: Fridays at 3pm

Of course, don't forget to send personal messages as well. Email is great for a personal request, while social media platforms serve as a place for mass communications and reminders. Personal requests will obviously drive a higher response rate, but you do need both. Email the link or pick up the phone and ask for support. Also, don't forget to thank grandma and let her know when you will be stopping in for dinner.

(6) Send Reminders

Remember people are busy and might not have time to react immediatly. You want to send them friendly reminders that it will take them just a minute to click on the link to the campaign and Donate. They really do want you to be successful!

(7) Send Updates and Say Thank You

Your followers would love to hear from you. They want to know about your success and the impact their donations have had. Hearing a simple thank you makes people feel great about supporting you and are more likely to spread the word about your cause (and it is the kind thing to do...make someone smile!) Thank those who have already donated and let others know that it is not too late.

Wishing you great success on your campaign! Of course, we are here to help, just reach out to support@rootfunding.com

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