ATZUM - Justice Works

Total raised:

USD $192,156

Monthly pledges:

USD $215

Our history: Established in 2002 by Jewish educator and social activist, Rabbi Levi Lauer, ATZUM - Justice Works (Avodot TZdaka U’Mishpat) seeks to remedy social injustices in Israel society and encourage individuals to become agents of change.  We work to resolve social problems and bring opportunity and a voice to society's most vulnerable. Careful not to duplicate others’ efforts, ATZUM addresses issues that would otherwise go un- or under-attended and leave people without urgently needed resources, the power to advocate on their own behalf, and basic human dignity.

Our vision: To help create an Israel society worthy of our and future generations’ best caring devotion.

Our mission: To extend resources and protection to society’s most vulnerable -- prostituted and trafficked persons; single-mother refugees and asylum seekers and their children; righteous rescuers, non-Jews now living in Israel who saved Jewish lives during the Shoah; Shoah survivors; and terror victims and family members -- ensuring their wellbeing and enabling them to live safely and with dignity.

Our current projects:  One of ATZUM’s strengths is to incubate and nurture projects that address concerns frequently beneath the public’s radar, including:

- The Task Force on Human Trafficking and Prostitution

- Righteous Rescuers and Shoah Survivors Outreach Initiative

- Project for Single Mother Refugee and Asylum Seekers

- Roberta Project for Survivors of Terror 

Our pledge:  By drastically reducing administrative and general overhead costs, ATZUM ensures that every dollar donated significantly benefits social action and change in Israel. Methods employed to reduce costs include extensive reliance on pro bono partners; utilization of home office space instead of a brick-and-mortar model; and the use of volunteers for projects in Israel and for ATZUM’s administrative work in the United States.