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About Dolev Homes for Youth at Risk 

It’s All About Rebuilding Lives- a Network of Projects for Israeli Youth at Risk

 Our Mission: We believe that everyone has the hidden potential to succeed. Our mission is to give our disadvantaged youth the opportunity to succeed in life by increasing their self-esteem and teaching them life and vocational skills.

This year we are very excited to be celebrating our 25th jubilee year of successful rehabilitation of hundreds of girls from all over Israel who have studied at Ulpanat Dolev to give them a second chance to succeed in life.

History of Dolev Homes for Youth in Dolev, Ashdod and Modiin 

The mother project- Ulpanat Dolev- founded in 1987,  is a residential rehabilitation center and school in Dolev near Modiin for 120 high-risk girls (ages 10-19) from all over Israel. Referred to the school by the courts, local social workers and school counselors, most of our girls have been removed from unsupportive environments and abusive relationships that have caused learning problems, underachievement in school, emotional insecurity, and trauma.


Today in Dolev our students live on and off campus in 10 different mishpachtonim- group family units comprised of one nuclear family living together with 10-12 troubled teenagers ages 10-18. Besides the standard high school curriculum, they study cosmetology, event planning, fashion and sewing and early childhood education (to learn proper mothering skills). They enjoy myriad therapies (equestrian, arts, plant, pet) and now Vocational Tracks- “OFEK”- certification for Computer Repair, Video Production, and Commercial Baking.


In 2007, the Welfare Department of the Municipality of Ashdod asked the Ulpanat Dolev staff to administer various projects for local at risk youth.


Ulpanat Dolev’s Model for Ashdod and Modiin Projects for local  youth at risk: 

1.- 3. Bet Reshet, (“Safety Net”)- a teen crisis management center, works during the day with teen co-eds with substance-abuse problems, mostly school dropouts. Services include vocational training, family therapy sessions, An after-school Teen Club for local teens and temporary Teen Shelter for youths in emergency situations- services for more than a total of 150 Ashdod teens daily.*

4. Bayit Cham (“A Warm Home”) provides 50 at-risk teen girls, ages 13-17, with a warm lunch and a safe place for them to meet after school for lessons and therapy.

5. Bet Bogrot (Graduates’ Apt.) mentors 8 high school graduates who share  an apartment supervised by a house mother and social worker.  This transition home offers a secure haven for those girls not quite ready to enter society independently.*

6. TAHEL- PREPARATION FOR THE FUTURE- prepares Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) girls who are interested but fearful in joining the work force. The professional counselor prepares these 80 girls with business skills and vocational training to enter the work environment. 


7.AFIKIM- the equivalent of TAHEL for 150  Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) boys.

These  DOLEV programs are mentored and supervised by Ashdod community social workers and local volunteers who provide vocational assistance.

*These two programs participate in the computer repair track of “OFEK”- a new vocational certification program for Computer Repair, Video Production, and Commercial Baking subsidized partially by Bituach Leumi that will soon be taught in Ulpanat Dolev as well.

8. In August 2012, a Home for Graduates was established for Ulpanat Dolev graduates in the nearby city of Modiin. 8 graduates are mentored by a counselor and social worker while volunteering in National Service locally while completing Matriculations and receiving life and business skills to be able eventually to live independently as productive citizens.

A total of 450 youth at risk are mentored by the Ulpanat Dolev staff in Dolev, and mirrored outreach programs in Ashdod and Modiin .

Why we are unique: Ulpanat Dolev is the only school for youth at risk that integrates its students on a weekly basis in the homes of Dolev families, where they experience a nurturing environment and positive parenting models. We are the only school in Israel that has a program for graduates who are not emotionally ready to enter society on their own and have no biological family to provide for them.

Our projects in Ashdod are also unique to graduates of Haredi schooling and vocational training for high school dropouts with parental participation.

The Israel Ministries of Welfare and Education subsidize 80 percent of the school’s operational costs and our 8 satellite projects in Ashdod and Ashkelon for youth at risk..