BRACHA - Hereditary Cancers Israel

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 BRACHA was founded with the aim that every woman has the right to know about genetic testing, about surveillance and risk reducing surgeries and new ways to treat HBOC cancers.Today BRACHA is a large successful community in Israel and a home for BRCA and other mutation carriers

BRACHA is the only organization in Israel solely dedicated to raising awareness to hereditary breast, pancreatic and ovarian cancer and to .supporting genetic mutation carriers

BRACHA is run 100% by volunteers and 100% of donations go to educate the public on genetic testing and ways to lower the risk of getting hereditary cancer and current ways of treatment .

One in 400 people have a mutation in the BRCA gene but One in every 40 Jewish people have it so Israel has the highest quantity of genetic mutation carriers!  BRACHA is active in the Jewish and Arab populations in Israel. In Israel there are at least 70,000 BRCA mutation carriers and only about 6,000 have even been tested. BRACHA is dedicated to fighting hereditary breast and ovarian cancer and improving the lives of those affected by these diseases. BRACHA works toward these goals with a range of programs including outreach, education, advocacy and support of families touched by hereditary cancer.

The Israeli hereditary breast and ovarian cancer community is in great need of education and support.

BRACHA’s educational programs focus on providing education and resources to Survivors, Previvors (unaffected carriers) and healthcare professionals who work with this high-risk/BRCA population. We have monthly meetings of “Knowledge is Power”, three monthly meetings of “Ask the Expert”, an annual educational conference as well as monthly support meetings. In addition we give telephone help 24/7 to anyone at any time in need!