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Geerz is a youth leadership development program that harnesses the natural skills needed in mountain biking to develop today’s youth into the leaders of tomorrow. Our unique curriculum combines the inherent physical, mental, and emotional challenges of mountain biking with valuable lessons in leadership and self-esteem. The Geerz curriculum gives youth the necessary tools to succeed as leaders. Using non-formal education, we teach our participants to take responsibility for their actions. We guide them to identify and harness their innate talents and strengths in order to use them to their utmost potential.

Geerz was founded in 2012 by Nachum Wasoksy, and  is headquartered in Beit Shemesh – one of the fastest growing cities in Israel. Situated in the Judean Hills, world-class mountain biking is accessible within minutes. There is no other organization like Geerz in the area, let alone in Israel or the world.