Standing Together with Ari Fuld

Total raised:

USD $127,449

Monthly pledges:

USD $38

Ari and I have been working for the past year on a project for my daughters Bat Mitzvah to raise awareness and funds  for his campaign to support the IDF.  We spent much time trying to find ways to minimize overhead costs. He was always proud that almost every dollar  he raised went directly to the campaign. 

As you are likely all aware, Ari worked with "Standing Together", an organization created to show our appreciation for all that the IDF does.
My daughter and I were in Israel in July and accompanied his group to local military bases to give out food and treats to the soldiers after training in the hot sun.

We were planning to raise money for a new truck to be able to deliver better foods and to be able to reach out to more soldiers.

Ari's legacy and passion must live on.

Please donate to a cause that was at the heart of Ari's existence.

All donations go to his non-profit and are tax deductible.

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